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It's raining and I'm stuck in the house! Well for the most part I am. Everything still has to be fed twice a day, the storm damaged some of the fences, and the cows got out; so I guess I'm still a little busy. But anyhow... Onto the news at hand!

WELCOME! OR WELCOME BACK TO THE BROKEN J BAR BLOG. This week we interrupt the saga that is my life story to bring you some exciting artsy news! But don't worry, I'm surprisingly prepared with Part Two, Falling Feels Like Flying Till You Hit the Ground, and it will be published next Monday. If you haven't read Part One, Before the Reckoning, go check it out after I tell you about what's new in Broken J Bar News.

I'LL START WITH SOME BACKSTORY, JUST BECAUSE I FEEL CHATTY. When I was younger my mom and step dad did a bunch of leatherwork and that is where I picked up this handy little talent for transforming dead cows into artful western stuff and things. I remember just sitting for HOURS and watching the techniques used to tool leather. My absolute favorite part was when I got to test my skills on scrap pieces of leather and make my own stuff. My mom is known for being the artistic one in the family and some of her work just amazes me. I think some of her artsy traits trickled down the ole gene pool to me. This is one of her graphite pencil drawings. Amazing, right?

IN LATER YEARS LEATHERWORKING WAS JUST A HANDY SKILL TO HAVE, I could make my own stuff the way I wanted it, or fix my own broken tack. I helped my mom with awards for Criner's Arena when we made prizes (for more on our Jr Rodeo history read my I Sur-Thrived 2020, part two Back to My Roots, Blog post) and built a few things for friends/family as gifts and custom orders.

Here are a few of my early custom pieces:

A custom bronc halter noseband for my girlfriends horse named Shark, a hand painted belt for another friend and a goat string can for one of my girls that I taught to rope and tie goats. (These are nice memories)

NOW HERE IN 2021 I AM FINALLY SET UP IN MY LEATHERSHOP (shout out to one of my all time best friends Jordan Waldron for calling me up and asking if I wanted to "store" her leather sewing machine at my house) and tooling and building pieces are a relaxing hobby that I'm ready to share with you! However, I have to stay true to myself and keep my aspirations realistic right now and start small so I don't get burnt out. I will be releasing some pieces here and there for sale to the general public as I create them and taking a few orders if somebody is interested in any custom pieces. I'm thinking halters, spur straps, headstalls, tack, chinks, and who knows what else. If you can dream it up I can probably make it happen! The pieces I make will be linked here for sale under the TACK ROOM tab on the main menu of the website, and if you want anything custom just let me know.

Here's what I've been up to lately:

I built Yosemite Sam blanket corners to match a breast collar that I am extremely attached to. Look at him! You can't help but love him, he was SUPER fun to paint!

Next, rather than buying a new headstall I just built my daughter Riata one real quick to try a new bit on her barrel horse!

Aaaannnd then, I'm currently working on a set of awesome blanket corners for a client who wanted skulls, roses and a dragonfly incorporated into a design. This design was kind of challenging and I can't wait to see how it finishes!

Lastly, I'm experimenting with new full coverage backgrounds like this hand carved basket weave pattern on a set of dove wing spur straps. I think it looks pretty dope.

Alrighty guy's I think that's about all I have to share with you today. Let me know if I can build something for you, and thank you so much for making it to the end of another Blog post, I appreciate you so very much and I hope you have a wonderful week.

And as always, I love hearing for you! Hit that heart if you like this post, and if you have something to say log in and leave me a comment!

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